I'm a teacher and photographer in Charlottesville, Virginia, specializing in documenting theater productions.

I've been taking pictures--starting with a Polaroid Swinger and moving on from there--since I was in grade school, and while I teach and love film photography, I use digital SLR equipment for most of my current work.  In these galleries, you'll see pictures taken with everything from a Nikon D700 to a Holga toy camera.

I enjoy using Instagram as a sketchbook to document my everyday life and travels: http://instagram.com/jmoorecoll.

I have written about teaching and learning in photography on Wordpress, and that site is here: http://jmoorecoll.wordpress.com

New projects and a blog can be found on my Squarespace site here: https://janet-moorecoll.squarespace.com/.

Theater photography is my passion, and I'm always interested in covering dress rehearsals or documenting from behind the scenes. I also very occasionally shoot weddings.

Please contact me through this site to inquire about documenting school, community, and professional theater productions.