janet moore-coll photography | STAB spring 2013--for "Perspectives"

Senior-directed plays: I don't know the names of the first two shown, but Dorene will know. First picture (Frazier/Jones) was directed by Dustin Jones '13, second one (Sanders/Sherman) directed by Emily Mugler '13. Third play is "A Number on the Roman Calendar," by David Johnston, directed by Evan Moore-Coll and Laura Bissett, who also acted in it. Fourth play, also directed by Evan and Laura, was "Desire, Desire, Desire," a parody of Tennessee Williams, written by Christopher Durang.
The choir picture of Rob conducting was taken during a performance of "Make Our Garden Grow," from Leonard Bernstein's "Candide," and the expanded choir included singers from the middle school, faculty members, and school parents.
Elijah Olegnowicz '13. Photo: Caroline Mackey '13Katie Leiner '13. Photo: Caroline Mackey '13Kristen Meoni '15. Photo: Caroline Mackey '13Morgan Booth '15. Photo: Evan Moore-Coll '13Rachael Bosley '13, Aliyah Carr '15. Photo: Evan Moore-Coll '13.Tim Viere '14. Photo: Caroline Mackey '13.Meg Pritchard '14. Photo: Caroline Mackey '13.Cristina Bertone '14. Photo: Caroline Mackey '13.Campbell Miller '16. Photo: Alexa Ignaczak '14.Brittany Schoeb '16. Photo: Alexa Ignaczak '14.Rob Lane, choir director, spring concert, April 2013. Photo: Evan Moore-Coll '13.Upper School choir, spring concert, April 2013. Photo: Evan Moore-Coll '13.Senior-directed play. Harry Frazier '13, Summer Jones '13. Photo: J. Moore-CollSenior-directed play. Courtney Sanders '13, Mercy Sherman '13. Photo: J. Moore-CollSenior-directed play. Evan Moore-Coll '13, history teacher Michael Klaus, Laura Bissett '13.Senior-directed play. Trey Briggs '13, Erin Peterson '13. Photo: JM-CAli Lindsay '14. digital image, edited in LightroomAli Lindsay '14; digital image, edited in Lightroom.Ali Lindsay '14; digital image, edited in Lightroom.Carol Ma '13, winner of Visual Art Award; pencil drawing